• Testimonials

    My wife and I wanted to personally thank you for the outstanding job your employees did in moving our daughter from Roanoke to Abingdon, VA on December 19, 2013. During the economic crisis we have been experiencing there has been several local and state to state moves necessary to keep a job or obtain better living conditions in our family. I am satisfied that considering all of the moves none have reached the quality of the move...


» Successful Moving

Before the Movers arrive:

  • Start planning your move at least 4-6 weeks in advance.
  • Start your packing 2-3 weeks prior to your move date. It is easier to pack a few boxes every day than have to pack an entire house in one day! (However, we do offer a packing service and packing material for the do-it-yourself move. See our “Local” move page.).
  • Make sure you pack in good quality boxes that close or with tops. (No plastic bags please!).
  • Try to have all packing completed and ready to move.
  • Extra care should be taken with fine china. For a local move you may consider moving these items in your vehicle.
  • Mark each box with the contents and/or the room it belongs in to make the unload quicker.
  • Empty and defrost the refrigerator or freezer (if they are being moved).
  • As a time saver, have all appliances disconnected and beds disassembled (although we will be happy to do this for you).
  • Customers should carry all jewelry and important documents themselves.
  • A time saver on local moves is to move smaller more fragile items (i.e. lamps, pictures, mirrors, wall hangings, electronics) yourself.
  • Clothing can remain in dresser drawers, but remember to take out any valuables or breakables.
  • Keep your phone service on until after the move.
  • Carry travelers checks for quick, easy funds especially on long distance moves.

Send Change of Address to:

  • Post Office: Give forwarding address
  • Charge Accounts and Credit Cards
  • Subscriptions: Notices require several weeks to change your address
  • Friends & Relatives

Contacts to Make Before You Move:

  • Your Bank – Transfer funds, arrange check-cashing in new city or at new address.
  • Insurance Agent – Notify of new location for coverage (Life, Automobile, Health, Renters).
  • Utility Companies – Gas, Electric, Water, Telephone. Get refunds for any deposits made, arrange for service at new address.
  • Schools – Ask for copies of transcripts for new school registration.
  • Doctors, Dentists, etc – Contact your doctors and dentists for copies of medical records or have records sent to new location.
  • Church, Clubs or Civic Organizations – Transfer membership, get letters of introduction.

At your new location:

  • Automobile Registrations – Transfer of car title registration (if necessary), address on Drivers License, City or County tax stickers.
  • Pets – Ask about regulations for licenses, vaccinations, tags, etc.