• Testimonials

    We recently contracted with Heritage Moving & Storage to move my mother-in-law's furniture from her former 4th floor apartment in Norton, VA to two seperate locations in Roanoke. Ms. Redman is 90 years old and we had to move her and her furniture in very short notice.

    I want to let you know that we are extremely pleased with the manner in which you and Leslie worked with us to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience.

    Tony and Bobbie were a pleasure...

    William Fitzer
    President - Lodging Technology

» Move Your Business Smoothly

Getting Ready to Move Your Business:


  • Be sure that you use sturdy boxes and that they are properly assembled.
  • Do not overfill your boxes, allow room for proper closure.
  • TIP: Label each box so you’ll know immediately what’s inside.
  • Please tag your boxes and computer equipment as shown in the attached illustration.
  • Proper tagging ensures that your belongings will not be lost.
  • You may wish to pack an “OPEN ME FIRST” box that holds your desktop items and supplies.


  • Seal small items such as paperclips, pencils, and other loose materials, etc. into envelops before packing them in cartons.
  • Pack the contents of your deck, including all working papers, letter trays, books and other desktop items.

Filling Cabinets

  • Vertical file cabinets can stay full.
  • Lateral file cabinets need to be unpacked.
  • TIP: Pack and label the contents of each drawer.
  • Tag your boxes on the END of each box; the movers stack them on dollies and cannot see the tags if they’re on the top.

Supply or Storage Cabinets

  • Pack all contents in cartons.
  • Cabinet doors should be locked, taped, or tied.


  • Remove all contents and pack in cartons.
  • Remove all shelves and stack them near the bookcase; label each shelf and bookcase.
  • Remove the shelf brackets, place them in an envelope, and tape it to the back of the bookcase.

Coat Racks or Lockers

  • Pack all items and properly mark boxes.

Office Machines (Typewriters, adding machines, etc.)

  • Do NOT pack these machines…the mover will do this!
  • Leave the machines on top of their desks or stands.
  • Typewriter carriages should be centered and all cords must be unfastened and disconnected.
  • Disconnect all equipment.
  • Label each individual piece of equipment.

Pictures, Maps, and Bulletin Boards

  • Tag each individual piece.
  • If the item does not fit in a carton, keep picture on wall, and the mover will handle it.
  • Consolidate small items and cushion them with packing material such as newspaper.


  • DO NOT PACK YOUR TELEPHONES. Before you leave on moving day, please unplug your phone & make sure the phone is labeled.

Chair Pads

  • If you wish to take your chair pad, please make sure that it is tagged

Electronic File Clean-Up

    Information Systems may ask that you do the following:

  • Check the network for unnecessary data…it costs big dollars to keep it!
  • Use PKZIP to compress seldom-used data (M:/SOFTWARE/PKWARE)
  • Combine the work group’s data to a directory and request an Archive Tape from Information Services by sending e-mail to “Service Request”.
  • Remove old clients files, obsolete and unused software.
  • Remove backup and “Temp” copies (*bak, *tmp, *jnk, etc)
  • Remove multiple copies of data with a group
  • Remove games, bitmaps, demo and beta versions of software

Computer Equipment

  • Do NOT pack any PC equipment in boxes!
  • Please label EACH PIECE of computer equipment that will go to your office. This includes: monitor, processor, modem, each CD-ROM, hard drive, mouse, printers, etc.
  • Individuals will be responsible for their own laptop.