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    We recently contracted with Heritage Moving & Storage to move my mother-in-law's furniture from her former 4th floor apartment in Norton, VA to two seperate locations in Roanoke. Ms. Redman is 90 years old and we had to move her and her furniture in very short notice.

    I want to let you know that we are extremely pleased with the manner in which you and Leslie worked with us to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience.

    Tony and Bobbie were a pleasure...

    William Fitzer
    President - Lodging Technology

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Moving With Pets and Kids

With all the planning that goes into moving, it’s easy to forget that you must do a little planning for your kids and pets for moving day.

At Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., we want your kids and pets to be safe and to enjoy your family’s moving process. During a move there are several moving-day issues that can occur with kids and pets.

1. In decent weather, the movers will want to prop open your doors so they can easily move between the house and the truck. If you have young children or pets, they could wander out the door. This is a potentially dangerous situation.

2. During the winter, although your door may not be propped open, the door will be opening and closing constantly throughout moving day. This means it will be quite cold in the house and may be uncomfortable for young children.

3. Pets and kids can get caught up in the excitement of moving day. They may try to climb onto the truck or they may get in the way of movers carrying heavy furniture. These situations can be dangerous.

4. An unruly child quickly takes a parent’s focus off of the move. If you’re are spending the day tending to kids, you may not be available to answer questions and give directions to the movers. This can slow down the moving process.

The most important thing is planning. When preparing for your move, make sure you have plenty of time to get organized, adding pets and kids to your moving “to-do” list. In our next two blog posts, we’ll give you ideas for how to plan for your kids and pets on moving day.

If you’re considering a professional moving company, please call Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc. We’re proud to serve Roanoke, Blacksburg, Smith Mountain Lake, Vinton, Salem, and all of Southwest Virginia will full-service packing, moving, and storage services.

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